Welcome to Ario.ch

Welcome to Ario.ch, a place of Divers Things

Welcome to the Ario.ch web page.

This page is very short because no one will ever see it. It is only here to make Google happy because they seem to be under the impression that any web site which stores its content exclusively in subdirectories without a fancy "main" page above them is somehow... just wrong. It bugs them, but I have no idea why. Apprently, they don't know, either, they just know that it bugs them.

Everyone else - all the regular visitors - will never see this page because they have been provided with the proper links and have happily followed them directly to the proper place.

Here is a list of the sections of this web site:

An article about interpreting web statistics

A article about careers in the computer game industry

Although more Things may be added later, this page is FINISHED and is NOT "under construction." It simply may be updated in the future. Date of last update: 29 April 2004.